Cycle Routes in Sandwell


By cycling regularly, you can save a fortune on motoring and public transport costs. Also, you will no longer need to go to the gym, and save even more money by not paying class or membership fees. Cycling can also save you time, as integrating cycling into everyday activities, such as travelling to work means you don’t have to set time aside to keep fit. A 15 minute bike ride to and from work five times a week burns off the equivalent of 11 pounds of fat in a year.

This map will help you plan your routes and make cycling an even more enjoyable experience. It is designed with all types of cyclists in mind, as it shows a wide variety of routes suitable for all types of journeys.

For more copies of this map or information on other forms of sustainable transport, please contact Sandwell's Transport Planning team: T: 0121 569 4055

Cyclists are Fit

  • Cycling improves the functioning of the heart and greatly reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • Cycling boosts lung capacity and cyclists breathe in fewer fumes and lower levels of traffic pollutants than motorists.
  • Cycling can be beneficial to mental health, as it can relieve stress, mild depression and sleeping disorders.
  • A 15-minute bike ride to and from work five times a week burns off the equivalent of 11 pounds of fat in a year.
  • Riding a bike on a regular basis can reduce the risk of Type II diabetes and some forms of cancer.
  • Cycling can help to maintain strength and coordination.
  • It can also lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health.
  • Regular exercise has been shown to increase HDL (“good” cholesterol) and reduce the amount of triglycerides (“bad” cholesterol) in the blood.

Local Cycle Forums and Clubs

Cycle Solihull
T: 07896 885726

Dudley CTC

Push Bikes Birmingham

Sandwell Lions Cycle Speedway Club

Walsall CTC

Cycle Shops in Sandwell

Birchfield Road
B69 1DT
T: 0121 543 1740

Hawk Factory Cycle Stores Ltd
Forge Lane
Cradley Heath
B64 5AL
T: 01384 636535

115 Three Shire Oak Road,
Bearwood, Smethwick
B67 5BT

Sandwell Cycles
1 Clarage House
Long Lane, Blackheath
B62 9LA
T: 0121 559 6804

Thornleigh Cycles
15 Upper High St
WS10 7HQ
T: 0121 505 7898

Other Local Cycle Route Maps

We recognise that cycle journeys are not restricted within the borough of Sandwell and that cyclists will want to make journeys into neighbouring areas. Sandwell and its neighbouring local authorities will therefore, attempt to make cycle routes join up at borough boundaries. If you would like a copy of a cycle route map from a neighbouring area the contact details are listed below.

Birmingham Cycle Route Map
T: 0121 303 7485

Dudley Cycle Route Map
T: 01384 815 433

Walsall Cycle Route Map
T: 01922 654 677

Wolverhampton Cycle Route Map
T: 01902 55 11 55

Cycling Safety

  • Always obey traffic signs and signals.
  • Never ride up the inside of any large vehicle. The driver will not see you when pulling into the kerb or turning left.
  • Do not cycle in the gutter; cycle away from the kerb so you are more visible to motorists and can avoid sunken drain covers, pot holes and debris.
  • Make eye contact with other road users wherever possible.
  • Never cycle on the pavement unless signs clearly show that it is allowed.
  • Wear a helmet to minimise the risk of head injuries.
  • Wear fluorescent clothing at all times and add reflective clothing after dark.
  • Fit lights and use them after dark and when daytime visibility is poor.
  • Fit a bell to warn pedestrians, but remember that some people have impaired hearing and sight.
  • Use clear arm signals.
  • Keep your bike well maintained and in good working order.

Cycle Training

Think you don't need training? Think again! Many adults have benefited from Sandwell's cycle training schemes. Training can help with increasing your confidence on the road.

One-to-one training sessions are available at a time and place to suit you, whatever your level of experience. Learn how to:

  • influence traffic
  • feel safer
  • enjoy cycling more
  • go more places on your bike

Riding on the pavement is slow, illegal and less safe than you may think.

Your first one-hour session is free, with a small fee for later sessions. Sessions are open to adults, teenagers, community and family groups.

  • Complete beginners are welcome.
  • Female and male instructors are available.
  • Lessons are in realistic conditions.
  • Includes basic bike maintenance tips.
  • Any journey will be cycled with you.

To find out more:
Schools can arrange cycle training for children through Sandwell's Road Safety team by calling 0121 569 6625 or emailing

Toucan Crossings

A Toucan Crossing is an unsegregated light controlled crossing for pedestrians and cyclists. It is operated just like a light controlled pedestrian crossing but is wider and the lights display a green man and a green bike.

Cycle Network Development

Sandwell MBC has a strategy to create the conditions to make cycling a much more popular, safe and convenient way of getting about in and around the borough.

There are a number of on-road and off-road cycle routes within Sandwell and the network is constantly developing. The need for facilities such as advanced stop-lines, cycle lanes/paths, Toucan crossings, cycle parking and route signs are considered for each route and provided accordingly.